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mi Team enables you to create your own team wear by choosing from numerous product types, hundreds of color combinations, materials, and personalizing them by applying names and numbers to the kit.

Please note, that you have been re-directed to mi Team from our partner retailer's site. Any personal data such as name, email, gender, and delivery information might be collected by adidas for shipping purposes and marketing campaigns.

The mi Team website enables you to design your team kit, customize it, and add names and number to your kit, but must ultimately be ordered and purchased by the retailer to which you have been re-directed by. This is done by assigning your order within the 'My Account' section of our site. Our site contains recommended retail price set by adidas, but the final cost, transaction and contract will be determined and agreed with the mi Team Retail Partner. For more information on customizing your kit, and placing an order, please visit our Help section.

We hope you enjoy creating your own mi Team products.

Proceed to mi Team

Finalise and Purchase Your Order

Completing the Order

Review Order Summary
After you have finalised your product configuration you can click on "I’m done customising". This will take you to your design summary. Afterwards click on "add to order" so that the design can be added to a new or existing order. You will be prompted in a pop-up window to choose either “Create a new order” or “Add to existing order”. Once you select your preference, you will be taken to an "order summary" page that includes an overall Recommended Retail Price (RRP) listed on the right-hand side of the page.


Add a Saved Design
During the review of the order page you are able to add an already saved design to the order that you are working on. In order to do that, click on "add a saved design to this order". You will be taken into the saved designs overview and can choose which design you would like to add by clicking the product(s) of choice. If you wish to change any product details, you have the option to delete or add a product feature by clicking on the "edit" link under the individual item in the order. This will take you to the configurator for that specific line item. Once you have completed your changes, click the “update order” link to return to the order summary page which will now include the updated product.


Save Your Order
If you are satisfied with the order summary, you can click “complete this order” to be taken to a new section where you can finalise the order and submit it to a retailer. You also have the option to save this order and continue shopping. When you save your order you are asked to give your order an original name so that you can identify it more easily.


Provide Contact Information

We ask that you provide contact information so your retailer can inform you once your order is ready, or if there are any unexpected changes in the production process. Your first name, last name, and your email address are required. All other information is optional and left to your discretion.


Build Your Roster

Team Roster offers you the ability to save a list with all the necessary details of your team members that you will need for the order (names, numbers, sizes, etc). Team rosters will also help to make future orders easier and faster as you can use saved team rosters for any future orders. However, a team roster is not necessary to place an order. If you do not require player names or numbers on your product, click “skip this step to move directly onto “Build Your Order”.


Import Team Roster
If you have created a Team Roster already, you will be able to click on "import roster”. By doing this you will be adding all the existing details about your team players in one step.


Add Player Type
Certain sports have multiple player types for which you can get customisable, alternate uniforms. Adding a player type gives you a new form to use, so you can create a complementary look for your specialised players. Alternate player types vary by sport, but the site will offer you those types related to the sports you’ve already expressed interest in.

mi adidas player types include (by sport):


  • Field player
  • Goalie (Men only)
  • Training


  • Court player
  • Training


  • Libero
  • Court player


  • Warm up
  • Race day


  • Court player
  • Goalie (Men only)


Creating New Roster in the “Roster” Section in My Account
You can also create a team roster before you configure or order a product. To do so, sign-in to your mi adidas account and click on “rosters”, then click on the link “create new roster”. You can give each team roster a unique name and save it under a specific category. You will be able to fill in player names, name on jersey, name on shoe, number, etc.


You can also save a roster without finalising the player list, as you can add players to a roster as necessary. Simply click the “add players” link at the bottom of the roster list. However, if you successfully submit an order for production, and then add a player to the order’s roster, no products will be produced for that player. Conversely, if you remove a player from a roster after an order has been successfully submitted, items designated for that player will still be produced and charged to your account.


However, if your selected retailer has not submitted the order to adidas, you may still have time to make roster changes through their customer dashboard. Otherwise, a new order will be required.


Build Your Order

In this section, you can view customised items with player personalisation (when applicable) and the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) associated with each item in the order. To see how a player’s name and/or number might appear on a jersey or other personalised item, click the magnifying glass beside their name in the roster. A pop-up window will show the front and back of the item. You can also edit the player info in the pop-up, changing the player’s name, number, size, or quantity of the item. Any changes you make can be applied to your order by clicking the “apply” button. To cancel your changes and close the window, click on the “x” in the upper right if the pop-up window.


Updating Your Roster
You can also add or remove players from the current roster, add new players, and import players saved from other rosters to the order, as well as edit each player’s information by clicking on the field you wish to change. Clicking “new player” will provide you with a new row for the player’s details. If you want to import players, click on “import players”. You will get a pop-up window listing all the player types within that roster (i.e. for football, the players are separated into field players and goalies). Click the checkboxes of players you wish to add, or use the “select all” checkbox to add them all with a single click. To update your roster, click “add players”.


Any changes made to your rosters that affects the quantity will automatically be reflected in RRP which is recalculated with each update. Make sure to save the changes you make to each item’s roster by clicking the “save roster” button above the list of players.


Each product also has a minimum quantity that’s required to complete the order. This number is generally 5. You will be alerted if any of your items fall below the requirement. When you’re satisfied with your order and it meets the pre-set quantity requirements, click the “next” button to move onto the next step: “find a retailer”


Upload Images

If you have adidas-approved custom artwork/graphics (see Personalisation Options for the approval process), you will need to provide your preferred retailer(s) with a vectorized PDF* (.pdf) or Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) of your graphic. This is necessary to get the best possible print quality on your customised products. If you do not have custom artwork, you can forego this step by clicking the “skip this step” button.


On the page you will see the approved .png or jpg file you previously associated with the order in the design phase (see Personalised Options). You now must upload the corresponding vectorized .pdf or .ai files for this order to be fulfilled. Click “browse” to find your vectorized .pdf or .ai file on your computer, then agree to the mi adidas terms and conditions when prompted. Once you click “agree”, the upload process will begin. Repeat as necessary for each graphic.


* a vectorized PDF is a vector image (Adobe Illustrator file) saved in Adobe PDF format (.pdf) with with the “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities” option selected.

You must agree to the mi adidas terms and conditions to continue. You also have the option to submit an Image Specifications Document. While not required, this word document allows you to provide details for the size, colours, application, etc. of the graphic. The factory uses this document to print the final image. You will need one Image Specifications Document per image. If you do not have this document already, your selected retailer will create one for you. Download the Image Specifications Document template.

Find a Retailer

During the “complete your order” process you will need to assign your order to a retailer. You can do this by choosing a convenient local retail partner from our retailer database.


You will be able to search for a retailer by using the following search criteria:

  • Enter a city/town or postcode to find your closest retail partner
  • Enter an address (street/road name, city/town)
  • Enter the retailer name
  • By sports category (use the left-hand filter to select the sport, or sports, you are interested in, such as Football or Basketball)



Once you have entered your search criteria and click on "search" you will be shown a list of retailers in your area including the retailer’s contact information. Select on your choice for preferred retailer and click the “next” button to continue to the final step in the process.

Confirm Your Order

After you have made your retailer selection, your last step is to confirm your order. This is your last opportunity to ensure your all your details are complete and correct. If you’re ready to submit your order, click the “confirm this order” link.


Add a Purchase Order Number to Your Order
After you have finished your configuration and are ready to send the order request to a retailer you can add a Purchase Order number (PO number). A PO number is used by organisations to fulfil and manage payments owed to an external party, and can be a combination of letters and numbers (but generally the latter). If you are unsure whether you have access to a PO number, you should contact your school or club administrator to discuss. The PO number will be included on all future documents that refer to the placed mi adidas order.


When you have assigned your order request to a specific retailer you will receive a notification via email that your order has been assigned. At the same time, the mi adidas retailer will have a notification in their inbox, which will contain your contact data (email and name) and your order request details.


Problems with Sending the Order Request to a Retailer
If you have problems assigning your order to the retailer this might have to do with the fact that some products are only be available from certain mi adidas retailers. For example, Basketball products are usually only available at Basketball retailers that do not sell mi adidas Football products. When your preferred retailer cannot fulfil your entire order, you will be prompted to choose one of two actions. The first option is to split your order, by selecting a retailer that carries the products not available from your preferred retailer. If you choose this option, you will be shown the nearest retailers in your area that carry your products and asked to select one. Once selected, the order process will continue, submitting your separate split orders to the appropriate retailers.


Your second option is to remove the unavailable item(s) from the order and continue onto the next step of the process. The removed product will remain in your saved products gallery, however, available to add to other orders.


Cancel Your Order Request from a Retailer

If you would like to cancel the order request that you have sent to a retailer you can go into the order history after you have signed in. Then click on the order request that you would like to cancel and click on "cancel order request".


As long as the order has only been assigned to a retailer and is still a pending order request you can contact your retailer directly to request cancelling it. If the retailer has not yet submitted the order for production, they can either cancel it or send the order back to you. However, once you have purchased a mi adidas design, the order cannot be cancelled.


Payment and Final Order Placement

Before payment and final order placement you have the chance to review your order one last time on a mi adidas order print out. The print out lists the exact product colours and features that you have chosen and will show you the total recommended retail price. Payment options are left to the discretion of the retailer, and you cannot purchase Team products directly from adidas.


After double checking that all order details are correct, submit the order to your preferred retailer. You will need to follow-up with your retailer to confirm the order and make payment arrangements. This generally happens in-store where you can sign a contract approving the order and the retailer can submit the order for production.


Please note that mi adidas products purchased on miTeam.com are created specifically for your team. Once your mi adidas retailer submits the order for manufacture, the process cannot be reversed, and we cannot accept cancellations or provide refunds. Nor will you be able to return customised products unless they fail to meet adidas quality standards (see our returns policy). This is why it is crucial you ensure the details of your order are correct.